Retro Gaming Bundles

All the units available here are all running quad core processors. 

That means that you will have more than enough power to run an assortment of applications…. Such as retro gaming system emulators. 

With a USB controller, you can easily turn your unit into a retro gaming system, running emulators for systems like:

  • Atari
  • NES 
  • Sega Master System 
  • Nintendo Gameboy (Original / Color / Advanced) 
  • SNES 
  • Sega Genesis
  • Neo Geo 
  • MAME (old school cabinet arcade machines) 
  • And even PlayStation Portable!

You can order a USB stick with a very large collection of games for your choice of retro gaming system. 

You can purchase a USB drive that will contain all the listed ROMs (the games) for one retro gaming system of your choice. 


$10.00 for one USB drive containing all the ROMs listed here, for your one choice of system. 

Each additional USB drive containing ROMs for another one gaming system of your choice will cost $5.00

If you want to use your own USB drive, for $20.00,we can grant you access to our online folder where you will have access to all the ROMs that we have listed, for all the retro gaming systems that we have listed.  

I’m just going to be creating a shared folder on one of my Google Drive accounts, creating a folder somewhere, slapping all the ROMs in the folder, and then share the folder.  

I’ve been up all night working on this site, it’s 0634hrs now, and so this is the initial plan that I came up with.

I don’t see myself changing the plan, so that said, you’ll basically be buying a life0 time access to the shared folder. I can’t exactly see myself keeping track and managing user accounts. 

Unless someone is abusing their privileges, I just plan on granting access and forgetting about it. 

I’m kind of making this up as I go, but if I get enough people, maybe I’ll create a request folder so that people can create a folder to request a ROM that I don’t currently have. 

If you have any further questions regarding the retro gaming package, feel free to get in touch with us. 


$10.00 – Initial USB stick with all the ROMs listed here for your choice of one gaming system. 

$5.00 – For each additional USB stick with all the ROMs listed here for your choice of another one gaming system. 

$20.00 – Life time access to our online Google Drive folder with access to all the ROMs currently available (and any ROMs that will be added in the future) and for all the systems listed. 


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