Modifying the Google Play Store

Disclaimer: The modded Google Play Store and all the information found here are for educational purposes only and should only be used by developers to learn about the latest flaw(s), and how it is being exploited. We are not responsible for how the tools and information found here is/are used. Basically, don’t be an idiot and do anything stupid! 

Each Android box comes to you rooted and running the latest version of Android. You can click on the “root” link and read up further on what the term “root” means and all that jazz. 

But a real quick and simple explanation: “Root” is a Linux term for the equivalent of saying “administrator”. And a “rooted” device is a device that has the root account enabled and you have the power to throw around “root” permissions (the MS Windows equivalent of right clicking an app & selecting “run as administrator”). 

So, any ways, because you have root permissions on your device, you can now do admin level stuff like “run an IP Firewall”, “create backups”, or to get a little bit more advanced – “tweak an app’s permissions” and/or “modify the Google Play Store“! 

So what exactly is the difference between the modified version of the Google Play Store and original version? 

Well, there are a few things. But as you’re about to see, the differences are not something that you can easily see. They are more of the behind the scenes kind of thing. 

1. Refunded apps don’t get uninstalled: The first main difference between the two versions is that apps don’t get uninstalled after you get a refund. You’ll go through the whole process and you’ll get all the pop ups telling you that the app/game will be uninstalled after the refund, but then it doesn’t. 
In the past, everyone with a rooted device would quickly make a back up of the app that they’ve just purchased using Titanium Backup, quickly get the refund before it’s too late, and after the app gets uninstalled, go back into Titanium Backup and restore the app.. Voila! Free paid app! 

The modded Play Store makes this so much easier now! 

2. Run GoogleLVL protected apps: Google caught on to what people were doing, so they came out with something called GoogleLVL. It’s basically this verification system that will check to see if you actually own the app that you are trying to run. It’s an online check, so for all the sneaky smart asses (like me) who thought they could cheat the system and run a restored version of an app they backed up.. Well, when you get that refund, you also returned the License Verification Thingy (that’s totally NOT what the acronym stands for), and you’ll get a “Application Not Licensed” error message.

 So it’s kind of pointless having a refunded app if you can’t run it right? 

You COULD hack/crack the app and remove the license check. But that is time consuming and is a hassle. 

Well, lucky for you, you can now run GoogleLVL protected apps with out patching it! 

So that was #2. Sorry for making it so long winded. 

3. Offline verification: You won’t need to be online to run the verification process anymore. You can be offline, the verification will proceed, pass, and you’ll be able to start the app. 

4. Automatic In-app purchase hack: Any app or game that you download with the modded Google Play Store, are automatically patched to use the in-app purchase hack. You won’t need to run any special program or patch any app. 

Just go ahead and make a purchase in the app and instead of getting the regular payment pop up, you’ll get another, totally different one that by passes the payment window all together. 

The in app hack doesn’t work with all the apps and games, but it does with a large selection of them. Just click yes in the in-app hack pop up, and if it works for that app, the purchase will go through. 

That’s pretty much it for the differences between the two versions. 

All the boxes will come with the original Google Play Store installed. The modded version will only be installed by request. 

This extra will also come with access to a collection of tutorial videos demonstrating how to fully take advantage of the modded Play Store. 

Cost: $10.00


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