Available language Add-on bundles for Kodi:

All of the Android boxes comes with Kodi pre-installed and set up with all the popular video add-ons such as Exodus, Phoenix, and Blah blah blah. 

These bundled Kodi add-ons are set up mainly to stream English (the English language) movies and TV shows. 

We understand and appreciate that English is not everyone’s first language and if English isn’t even a language that you (or the person that you are buying this package for) speak, then all the add-ons that we’ve set up Kodi to use right out of the box would be totally useless to you. 

In addition to all the English video add-ons that our version of Kodi initially comes set up with, we have several other language specific add-on bundles that we can set Kodi up to use, in addition to all the add-ons that are already installed. 

Additional bundle of  language specific add-ons available include:

We currently only have two additional language video add-on bundles that we can add, and those are:

  1. Vietnamese video add-ons 
  2. Filipino video add-ons 

We are currently working on creating more language bundles to add to Kodi and we’ll custom create them as the requests come in. 

But Vietnamese and Filipino are the currently most requested languages, so we have those bundles on hand and ready to install on any boxes if requested. 

Cost: $20.00 to add a custom language bundle 


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